getting to know awesome people

Scene: some bar near home, full of people because of the Madrid – Barsa football match.

I am able to enjoy football, but most of the time I end up lost in my own thoughts or analyzing details around. And this time, in front of me there was this girl with a tattoo that got me curious.

– Excuse me, I really like your tattoo and how thin the lines are, where did you get it?

She was with a friend, and both were happy to share all the details. We end up exchanging our websites because this cool couple I just met were two amazing photographers: Raquel Villaécija & Alberto Rojas.

Things like this remind me how easy is getting to know new people, how you can always find a bridge to the one near you, something in common, and how complicated this all seems sometimes.

Last week I was in Burgos attending to iRedes, a congress about social media: two intense days learning a lot and, above all, a great chance to know and talk to awesome people and build new bridges -more details coming soon!

And yesterday, a good friend of mine -who I met in a serendipity way- shared with me this let´s-believe-in-people-again video: Take a seat & make a friend (vía Soulpancake).

Which reminds me about this TED talk with Amanda Palmer about the music business, but from the perspective that should always be more than present: people connecting with people. 


Hope you enjoy that!

As I said, next post will be about iRedes, awesome people and awesome projects, like Womenalia! 😉

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